The Future of Education – Public Meeting 14th May 2016

Future of Education


The Future of Education Saturday 14 May 2016, from 1:45pm NZCTU, Level 5, Education House, 178 Willis St, Wellington  

Where is our education system headed? Will the price of a degree reach $100k? Will that degree get you a job? How well paid will that job be? Will that degree still be worth anything in ten years? How will you have the time and money to keep studying later in life?  

What are we leaving for the next generation? How can YOU make a difference? Join our expert panel to discuss the big issues facing education, and how communities, organisations and government can address them.


·         Dr Brian Easton, Listener columnist, adjunct professor at Auckland University of Technology, Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Distinguished Fellow of the NZ Economic Association

·         Dr Edward Palmer, University of Adelaide [by video-link]

·         David Shires, former organiser with Swedish WEA and African National Congress

·         Dr Stephen Marshall, Victoria University of Wellington

·         PLUS special guests

For more information, contact Pat Bolster: This event is organised by the Wellington Workers’ Educational Association, in association with other WEAs.