WEA Centenary

W E A  Centenary

     We are 100 years old…

Some pictures from the gathering….


Speakers included:

  • Sam Huggard                            NZCTU Secretary
  • Andrew Little                            Leader, New Zealand Labour Party
  • Sally Rawnsley                         Programme Coordinator,

VUW Centre for Lifelong Learning

and our M.C. was

  • Sandra Grey                             President, Tertiary Education Union


A hundred years ago, in 1915, the W E A was established in New Zealand.  Wellington Unions and Victoria University worked together to provide quality education for those e.g. many future Labour Party leaders, who had previously not been able to progress beyond primary school.  Today, with rising fees, student debt, and precarious employment, formal education is again uncertain.


What are the challenges and opportunities we face in the next 100 years?

What can we learn from the last 100?