Workers’ radio: Educating for social change


The WEA provides a progressive view on world affairs to radio listeners in Wellington through its weekly radio programme.

The show, entitled ‘Educating for Social Change’, is aired on Wellington Access Radio 783AM every Sunday at 4pm.  Produced by trade union activists, the programme provides a working-class view of current events, while simultaneously training working people in radio production.

Announcer Mr Russell Pierce said working on the programme has allowed him to develop many new technical skills.

He said: “I deal with the issues that confront workers from day-to-day, nationally and internationally. The aim of the show is to encourage education and social change amongst the workers of New Zealand.

“I see our show as a small beacon of resistance to the informational lobotomy being carried out on us workers every moment of every day. If our programme gose a little way to providing an avenue to shedding some light that would not otherwise be there, then I am satisfied I have had a small part to play in the emancipation that pits worker against worker daily.”

Mr Alan Windsor said he is proud to work as an announcer on the programme.

He said: “The radio show content is made from the stories and issues Kiwis face every day. The show provides in-depth analysis of financial, political and social issues. This well-tuned show is at the cutting edge of social reporting.”