WEA national body meets in Christchurch

The New Zealand Federation of Workers’ Educational Associations (NZWEA) council met in Christchurch for its annual conference on Friday.

The meeting discussed the continuing government austerity measures and attacks upon the people’s standard of living, and the response of the WEA. The council reaffirmed its membership of the International Federation of WEAs, and discussed how to better integrate itself in the people’s movement and local communities. The conference also passed resolutions addressing the effects of the scientific and technological revolution upon education, and plans were made for computerised course delivery in local branches and by correspondence.

President Mr J. B. Walker and vice-president Mr. J. S. Eilken were both unanimously reelected to their positions. Ms L. Dumez was reappointed as Treasurer. The leadership group laid out the process for the development of the new national strategic plan.

In attendence were Mr I. Hibberd, Ms M. Lovell-Smith, Mr P. Bolster, Ms V. Jones, Ms K. Keen, Ms J. Stansfield, Mr B. Hardie, Mr P. Ferguson, Mr C. Ruthe, Mr D. Ivory, Ms K. Peet and Mr J. Sullivan.